Our approach to Cost Management

Whether you want to understand the construction cost estimate of a new initiative, develop a construction budget for a new project, or just verify that your current contractors are in line with expectations, 35 North provides comprehensive cost estimating and cost control services.

Accurate and detailed project costing and budgeting is the foundation of any successful construction project. No matter who you are or what you are building, project estimating and cost management is a foremost concern. To help, 35 North provides comprehensive cost estimating and cost planning models from a project’s inception through closeout.

35 North Construction Cost Estimating Services
Our core competencies

Our project estimating and cost management system ensures a smooth progression of project costs throughout the preconstruction process and beyond. Utilizing our proprietary, in-house pricing and bench-marking models, our cost managers provide comprehensive, real time data that helps to inform project costs from the outset of design through its completion.


We integrate with construction teams at the outset of projects and proactively look for cost control opportunities across the construction projects. This removes unforeseen financial shortfalls and assists the project management team in ensuring a smooth progression throughout all phases of construction. We provide thorough, timely, and actionable oversight on project costing and budgeting which contributes to project success at every stage.


The future will be owned by technology, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with thorough, accurate construction cost estimation data on critical infrastructure projects. We have over 50 years of MEP estimating experience.


We know that our clients need information they can rely on to make their most critical project decisions. Whether it’s analysis of past construction cost estimates, market analysis and reporting, or bid analysis, 35 North provides the tools you need to get the information your construction project requires.

Services include


  • Quantity Surveying
  • Rough Order of Magnitude / Conceptual Estimating
  • Detailed Milestone Estimates
  • Project Benchmarking
  • Utility / Infrastructure Estimating


  • Preparation of Monthly Cash Flows
  • Change Order Analysis
  • Evaluation of Applications for Payment
  • Bid Review / Analysis


  • Market Studies and Analysis
  • Value Engineering Analysis
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Sustainable Design Impact Analysis
  • Constructability Review
35 North Construction Cost Estimating Services
35 North Cost Management locations

We have performed project estimating and cost management services for many clients throughout the United States, including Hawaii. We are very proud of our national reach. Our group has estimated in excess of $1 billion worth of construction project costs.

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