Project Description

Wake County Public School System

Wake County Public School System

Conn Elementary School


The new Conn Elementary School is an entrepreneurial magnet school serving pre-K to fifth grade. The new building features varied spaces for collaboration and independent learning. There are classrooms for art, dance, music, and drama. It also contains a media center, gym, and cafeteria as well as school offices and an administrative suite. There is new enhanced wayfinding and security to control access.

The school also contains a courtyard which includes an outdoor amphitheater, outdoor classrooms, and diverse play areas for different grades and special needs students.

Pre-construction management services for the renovation of an approximately 120,000 sq ft building of 3 stories. Upgrade older classrooms, corridors, and toilets. Provide canopies for student drop off. Provide accessible route to play fields. Upgrade and expand play equipment and fields. Address outstanding deferred maintenance and modernization needs. Address water and sewer line issues for entire site.

The design of the new Conn Elementary School reflects its identity as an entrepreneurial magnet school, leveraging the building itself as a teaching tool and featuring varied spaces for collaboration and independent learning. Serving 528 students from pre-K to fifth grade, the new school represents a significant transformation from the existing facility,

A courtyard framed by these wings is home to a variety of outdoor experience spaces, including the school’s storytelling chair and stools, outdoor amphitheater, outdoor classrooms, diverse play areas for different grades and special needs students, and the beloved butterfly garden.

As an elementary school, one of Conn’s most unique components is their maker space, in which students can experiment and explore concepts.

$30.7 Million

108,000 SF


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  • K-12 Education
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