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Wastewater Pretreatment Facility


The Wastewater Pretreatment Facility (WWPTF) is an industrial wastewater pretreatment facility located in Clayton, NC. This facility is capable of pretreating high strength industrial process wastewater generated from the Novo Nordisk DAPI-US plant. The pretreated wastewater is discharged to the county’s municipal wastewater facility for final treatment prior to discharge. The initial flow into the WWPTF will be from the new DAPI-US plant that is being constructed for manufacturing of Diabetes Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Novo Nordisk and the Town of Clayton partnered on construction of the new facility, where Novo Nordisk financed and managed the design and construction of the facility and then donated the facility to the Town.

The WWPTF treatment system is based on a biological activated sludge process. The biological process includes influent flow equalization, bioreactor activated sludge treatment, secondary clarification, and dissolved air flotation (DAF) to meet the effluent requirements. The process also includes activated sludge recirculation and waste pumping, pH adjustment, polymer flocculation, and effluent flow metering. Sludge solids are dewatered onsite. The sludge process includes polymer sludge conditioning and thickening, aerobic digester sludge storage, centrifuge sludge dewatering, and dewatered solids loading and hauling. Total capacity of the WWPTF is average 0.44 MGD.

35 North provided project management staff who oversaw the design, construction and commissioning of the regional WWPTF. We established a project execution plan that organized the approach and management of the numerous stakeholders involved.

$41 Million

157,000 SF


  • Project Manager
  • Construction Manager


  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial
  • Life Sciences
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