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Stallergenes Greer

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Stallergenes Greer develops and manufactures allergenic extracts for markets throughout the world. Allergy Immunotherapy is an allergy treatment with a long-lasting effect on all symptoms. After an accurate diagnosis of the type of respiratory allergy and responsible allergen(s), patients receive a targeted treatment, available in sublingual or in a subcutaneous form.

The new building is a pharmaceutical commercial manufacturing facility in Lenoir, NC. The programmed space was approximately 32,300 SF. Facilities and support operations such as process manufacturing, mechanical, material management, laboratory, and quality control/assurance are housed within the new building on the existing campus.

Design of the process and future capacity for this facility shall be scalable in excess of 750,000 finished product vials per annum.

35 North, as the construction manager, was responsible for establishing and implementing project controls including budget, schedule, quality, document control, information flow, and maintaining project objectives. Additionally, we facilitated design team interaction and served as liaison with end-user groups while ensuring document conformance with client expectations. We worked with user groups and facilities to establish project turnover expectations. We also established and monitored commissioning plans.

$26.5 Million

32,000 SF


  • Construction Manager
  • Cost Estimating


  • Life Sciences
  • cGMP
  • Research & Development
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