Project Description

US Department of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

VA Medical Center Jack C. Montgomery Chiller Plant Upgrade


This project included a phased replacement of three Chillers and six cooling towers for Building 52. One Chiller and paired Cooling tower and all the support systems will be installed as a unit. The next Chiller and Cooling Tower replacement will not begin until the previous Chiller system replacement is operational and on-line. The pumps will be replaced for the Chillers and the pipe system modified to the new configuration in sequence with each Chiller system replacement. A catwalk and steel structure will be constructed around the Cooling Towers to correspond with the phasing, and a new roof provided to cover approximately 10,728 SF near the end of the project.

Included is the removal of two MV Substations and replacing them with two 15kV Switch/2,000kVA transformer/3,000Amp 480/277 Volt Substation Switchgears. Two Motor Control Centers will be removed in phases with temporary starters provided as necessary and replaced with three 800Amp and one 400Amp 480/277 Volt panelboards. Motor control will utilize a combination of remote VFDs and combination motor starters. The existing fluorescent lighting will be removed in the Gear and Chiller areas and replaced with LED. Eight LED pole lights are included for the Cooling Tower Platform.

$11.4 Million


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