Project Description

US Department of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

VA Medical Center Ralph H. Johnson Cath Lab Site Prep


This projects consist of the removal of the existing Cath Lab equipment and the replacement with a new GE System, Stryker Boom and a Cleansuite Ceiling System. The GE support devices are included, as well as the conduits that support the GE provided cables. The new Air Handler and CRAC units, a Steam Humidifier and two Constant Air Volume terminals are included along with modifications to the existing ductwork.

There are minor changes to the plumbing CWS/R, HWS/R, Vent and Sanitary piping as well as minor additions to the medical gas and vacuum supply pipes to the new boom. The existing sprinkler heads will be removed and replaced with recessed heads with flexible connections except in the Mechanical Room which will have standard upright heads.

New sprinkler pipe will be provided in the lab that will place all the heads on a single distribution station. New light fixtures are provided that utilize the existing circuiting and select receptacles are changed or added as GFCI. There are new doors and hardware provided with minor modifications to walls and surfaces. New flooring is provided, and the ceiling outside the Cleansuite system is replaced with new gypsum and ACT.

$1.5 Million


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