Project Description

US Department of Veterans Affairs

U.S Department of Veteran Affairs

VA Medical Center Seattle SCID Addition and Renovation


The scope of this project included the renovation of the existing first floor patient care areas to provide new patient rooms, exam rooms, and support areas while keeping thirty-eight (38) patient beds active at all times. ICRA barriers will be erected and maintained throughout the project to keep construction contained and separated from patient care areas during the five construction phases.

There will be limited HVAC, plumbing, electrical and low voltage system removals, and the demolition and reconfiguration of walls to prepare for the new floor lay-out. The new patient rooms will be provided with new restrooms and plumbing fixtures, headwalls, LED lighting and energy controls, nurse call, telecommunications, and fire alarm and security coverage. The entire project area will have new floor, wall and ceiling finishes. A new PT/OT/RT gymnasium will be constructed that will provide an additional 8,360 square feet to the SCID area. This gymnasium will begin as Phase 1 and will be constructed in the area to the northwest, directly adjacent to Building 100, on top of the steel structure that supports what is currently a roof terrace. A new structural steel support base will be added at the perimeter to connect the new structural steel raised for the north and east exterior walls. The structure will be enclosed with metal wall panels and windows and a sealed membrane roof provided.

The existing HVAC system will be modified to include new ductwork, VAVs and controls with an alternate add to provide a new air handler if necessary. The plumbing sanitary, vent and hydronic piping will be reconfigured to accommodate the new fixture locations. The electrical system has sufficient capacity for the renovation and additional system requirements. There will be a few new panelboards for normal and emergency branch distribution. A new ATS is provided for emergency distribution derived from the existing emergency generator system that will remain unchanged.

$10.4 Million

25,857 SF


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